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    • 20 Mar 2019
    • 12 Jun 2019

    “Pushing through the resistance to create the business and life you are meant to have.”

    Have you been wanting to get to the next level in business and life? Make more money? Work less? Do more of what you love?

    Have you figured out what is getting in your way?

    Why can’t you make the changes you need to?

    Why does growth of your business send you straight to Netflix for hours instead of doing what needs to be done?

    This spring, Lara Wellman and Jessica Keats are bringing 10 business women together to give them a Big Push forward. Twelve weeks of digging in, finding your resistance and removing the blocks that are holding you back. You will no longer need to hide these parts of yourself; you will have a supportive team of coaches and a group of like-minded women to help move you towards freedom from your worst fears, self-deprecating thoughts, and false beliefs. This is The Big Push you've been waiting for.

    We’re going to get to the bottom of what’s been holding you back and propel you forward to the business and life you are meant to have.

    The Big Push - March to June 2019

    • One virtual session with Business Coach Lara Wellman (in-person available at Lara’s office in Orleans).
    • Three in-person sessions with Healer Jessica Keats.
    • 12 group calls every week on Wednesdays for the months of March, April, May and June.
    • Three Hour in-person kick off on March 20th. During this three hour session we will connect with each other as a group, dig deep and figure out what we’re looking to create during this program.
    • Closed Facebook Group for participants and coaches to connect and remain accountable throughout the program.

    Pricing: Early Bird: $1500 + HST – only available until March 2nd Regular Price: $1800 + HST

    Registration closes March 1st

    Dates for Group Calls: March 27th, April 3rd, April 10th, April 17th, April 24th, May 1st, May 8th, May 15th, May 22nd, May 29th, June 5th, June 12th.

    • 03 Apr 2019
    • 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Ottawa Hilton Garden Inn Airport - 2400 Alert Rd, Gloucester, ON K1V 1S1

    Marketing is often a scary word for many entrepreneurs because they didn't start their business to be a 'marketer'. And yet, marketing drives your business forward. Join Diana plus 100 other women entrepreneurs plus 12+ sponsors for a day of learning & fun! Lunch included. First time - there is an option for VIP upgrade & Day 2!!

    Diana Lidstone is a savvy marketing & growth strategist, powerful speaker and best-selling author, with 30 years of expertise as an entrepreneur. As “The Entrepreneur’s G.P.S.”, she supports coaches, consultants and other professionals to create “business road maps” to attract not more clients, but better clients, so they can ultimately earn more & live more!!

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    • 15 Jun 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • 3158 Stagecoach Rd, Osgoode, Ontario

    In our last newsletter, Marlene and I had shared some BIG news.  We are travelling to South Africa to attend Koelle Simpson’s session, “Return to the Heart.”  This is a dream fulfilled for the both of us, and we want to share this adventure with you.

    You know when you say yes to something, it sometimes feels like “the dog who caught the Chevy”?  Lots of emotions surface accompanied by thoughts which can provoke eye twitches.  It is clear, to us both, that the session has already “begun.”In the spirit of walking down life’s yellow brick road together, join us for a day with the horses to share stories of courage.  What fears have you faced or are facing?  What genius have you mined from what your fear tells you? How has your courage shown up in big and small ways?

    Take that Inner Safari with us!

    After this one day experience, you will:

    • connect and trust the emotions that are meant to “move” you
    • put a spotlight on crippling self talk
    • decode the messages of your fear
    • ignite the courage that lies within to take your next step
    • become part of a herd of courageous beings who say “yes” to their dreams

    Supported by the guidance of the horses, this will be a day of not only light bulb experiences, but inspiration to move forward in our lives in new and creative ways.

    Your investment in YOU: $325 + HST; due to food sensitivities, please bring your own lunch.

    Prepare for a jazzy new set of cape and leotards!

    Marlene Armstrong and Maureen Donoghue

    Marlene Armstrong owns Foxview Stables in Ottawa. She has an Honours degree – Bachelor of Commerce, with a concentration in Human Resources.  She has more than 35 years’ experience in project management, leading inter-disciplinary teams, organizing major corporate events, coaching and team building.

    For over 30 years, Maureen Donoghue, supported all levels of management in their professional development, as well as, implemented human resource strategies for wide-scale organizational transitions. She has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Master of Education with a concentration in counselling. She has experience as a trainer, facilitator and management consultant.

    Having certified as Equus Coaches with the Koelle Simpson Institute, Marlene and Maureen founded Unbridled Coaching in 2011.  Partnering with the intuitive intelligence of horses, they offer corporate and personal life coaching to individuals and groups.

    Please call 613-277-4402 to register!

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